Premium 2.0 Nuggets

Premium 2.0 Nuggets are clear glass pillows specifically designed for Glass Blowing. The Premium 2.0 formula has replaced the original Premium Nuggets product to provide a lower expansion than the original version — bringing 2.0 even closer to popular blowing colors than the original version.

Works with Most Popular Blowing Colors
We do not recommend using Premium 2.0 Nuggets with System 96® products. Because we formulated Premium 2.0 Nuggets to have a longer working range than our Studio Nuggets, Premium 2.0 Nuggets have a higher expansion than the System 96 standard. Our established compatibility range for System 96 is +/- half a point of the standard; Premium Nuggets are above the established compatibility range for System 96.

Premium 2.0 Nuggets are compatible with most popular blowing colors, however as there is a wide range between these colors, we recommend testing the suitability of all colors for your intended use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Premium 2.0 Nuggets should not be mixed with Studio Nuggets.

Premium 2.0 Technical Data