Studio Nuggets Technical Data

Studio Nuggets: Melting Guidelines

Melt at 2225ºF (1218ºC) in 25 pound charges. Wait until surface has leveled off, then charge again. Soak at 2100º to 2200 F (1144 to 1204ºC) for 2 or more hours. Ramp down as slow as your scheduling permits to your desired working temperature. Common working temperatures are 2075º to 2125ºF (1135 to 1163ºC).

“Squeezing” the glass 50 to 100 degrees below working temp may help facilitate a seed-free melt.

(Different furnace types and sizes will use different procedures. Many blowers charge and soak at lower temperatures; turnover time will then be longer).

Strain Point Anneal Point Softening Point COE
898ºF (481ºC) 966ºF (519ºC) 1270ºF (688ºC) *System 96 Compatible

Index of refraction: 1.516

*Studio Nuggets have a measurable expansion of 95 x 10 -7 in/inºC (0-300ºC), and are compatible with System 96 products but should be tested when using other blowing color products. Studio Nuggets are not compatible with Premium 2.0 Nuggets.

Studio Nugget Annealing Guide