Nuggets vs Batch

Why Nuggets are Superior to Glass Blowing Batch

  • Higher Yield: Up to 25% of batch can be lost up the flue during melting. With Nuggets, what you melt is what you get –– nearly 100%.

  • Lower Energy Bills: Nuggets require much less energy to melt than batch.

  • Faster Melts: Nuggets melt considerably faster than batch, increasing daily production time and further reducing energy costs.

  • Ready to Go:  Nuggets are fully melted and refined — all chemical reactions have been completed.

  • People-Friendly: With virtually dust-free Nuggets, handling and melting are no longer a safety concern.

  • Greater Stability: Nuggets are tested daily to ensure there are no shifts or surprises during melting.

  • Easier Storage: Go ahead – leave it outside! There’s no concern about damage or loss from exposure to moisture, light or other elements.